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You are the One
Who is constant ever true
I hear You from afar, say
Step into the dark
But I believe
There’s a promise shining through
Burning like a million stars
Calling out to my heart, I sing

I will follow You
Leave all else behind
Leave all else behind

When I am caught
In the middle of the storm
The tide is crashing in and
My courage is thin
My heart’s ablaze
When I hear You say my name
Standing upon the waves
Calling me to be brave, I sing

If the pouring rain comes down
To wash away my solid ground
You’re a shelter safe and sound
I will follow
Even when I feel alone
And the way remains unknown
Only You can lead me home
I will follow

Words and Music by Michael Lau, Jeff Caylor and Leora Caylor ©2015 Michael Lau, Jeff Caylor and Leora Caylor
CCLI# 7034712